District Land & Land Reforms

Sl.No. Notice Details Notice
1. Land and Land Reforms Set Up View (PDF 201Kb)
2. Circular of DLR&S, W.B. vide memo. No. 9/7385/C/12 dated 10/10/2012. View (PDF 526Kb)
3. Letter of the Addl. Secy., Land & Land Reforms Deptt. vide memo. No. 522(18)-LP/3M-108/12 GE(M) dated 22/01/2013 View (PDF 526Kb)
4. Order of the Land & Land Reforms Deptt. (Land Policy Branch) vide no. 6686-LP/1A-18/2012 dated 26/12/2012. View(PDF 1.5Mb)
5. Amendment of the W.B. Land Reforms Manual, 1991 vide L&LR Deptt. (Land Policy Branch) Notification No. 5904-LP/1A-4/2012 dated 12/11/2012. View(PDF 3.5Mb)
6. Some Govt. Notifications. View(PDF 7.7Mb)
7. Notification regarding banning of sand extraction in the mentioned areas of the Damodar embankment. View(PDF 2Mb)