1. Burdwan Science Center

science centre

A high standard Science Museum and a park near the Burdwan University GolapBag campus was established in 1994 by National Council of Science Museum of the joint effort by the Central Government, Government of West Bengal and the University of Burdwan. It provides a lot of information on science. The game of moving balloons, balls, the magic of chemistry, the secret behind flying objects and others are displayed here. Different experiments on popular science are exhibited here.

2. Meghnad Saha Planetarium


The Meghnad Saha Planetarium was constructed by the famous Japanese Goto, an optical manufacturing company. It was built on 5.1 acres of land offered by Burdwan University and with the help of the Government of India and Japan as well as common people. The planetarium displays shows on the revolution of earth, the solar system and others in automatic exhibition. It was opened in 1994.

3. Kalikapur Rajbari: An Architectural Splendor


It is a 350 years old magnificent mansion about 65 km away from Burdwan town. This palace was built by Parameswar Roy, the dewan of the Burdwan Maharaja, for his seven sons. Exquisite terracotta work can be seen on the panels of the gates of the Rajbari, which is surrounded by Shiva, Kali and Durga temples, apart from a pond and garden. The structure of Rajbari has been shooting location of many films, like Goynar Baksho, Noukadubi, Guptodhoner Sondhane etc.

4. Chakdighi Rajbari


Tucked away in a corner of Burdwan district is the old, sprawling estate of Baganbati, Chakdighi with some of its building dating as far back as 350 years, which has been visited by viceroys, political stalwarts, influential personalities, reformers like Vidyasagar, and legendary director Satyajit Ray who also shot his award-winning film ”GhareBaire” in the campus.

5. Burdwan Rajbati


Rajbati or Mahatab-Manjil was built by Maharaja of Burdwan, Mahatab Chand Bahadur, back in 1851. The entire architectural outlook is extraordinary to look at. Presently, it houses the administrative office of Burdwan University.