Election Section

General Information
Basic Information Documents
 Assembly and Parliamentary Constituencies View (PDF 25Kb)
PC wise, AC wise, Block wise and Police Station wise allocation of polling Station View (PDF 23kb)
List Of MLAs and MPs View (PDF 35Kb)
Polling Personnel Training 2021 View (PDF 5Mb)
List of Polling Stations
Sl.No. Name Of Assembly Polling Station Sl.No. Name Of Assembly Polling Station
1. 259 -Khandaghosh  View (PDF 128Kb) 9. 267-Bhatar  View (PDF 108Kb)
2. 260-Bardhaman Dakshin  View (PDF 118Kb) 10. 268-Purbasthali Dakshin View (PDF 131Kb)
3. 261-Raina (SC)  View (PDF 121Kb) 11. 269-Purbasthali Uttar  View (PDF 82Kb)
4. 262-Jamalpur (SC)  View (PDF 94Kb) 12. 270-Katwa  View (PDF 126Kb)
5. 263-Monteswar View (PDF 100Kb) 13. 271-Ketugram View (PDF 112Kb)
6. 264-Kalna (SC) View (PDF 131Kb) 14. 272-Mongalkote View (PDF 106Kb)
7. 265-Memari    View (PDF 102Kb) 15. 273-Ausgram (SC) View (PDF 151Kb)
8. 266-Bardhaman Uttar (SC) View (PDF 141Kb) 16. 274-Galsi (SC)  View (PDF 123Kb)
EROs List
List of EROs approved by ECI View (PDF 16Kb)
MAPs of Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies
Sl No. Description Maps
1. Parliamentary Constituencies View
2. 38 – BARDHAMAN PURBA (SC) Parliamentary Constituency View
3. 39 – BARDHAMAN DURGAPUR Parliamentary Constituency View
4. Assembly Constituencies View
5. Polling Stations of 259 – KHANDAGHOSH (SC) Assembly Constituency View
6. Polling Stations of 260 – BARDHAMAN DAKSHIN Assembly Constituency View
7. Polling Stations of 261 – RAINA (SC) Assembly Constituency View
8. Polling Stations of 262 – JAMALPUR (SC) Assembly Constituency View
9. Polling Stations of 263 – MANTESWAR Assembly Constituency View
10. Polling Stations of 264 – KALNA (SC) Assembly Constituency View
11. Polling Stations of 265 – MEMARI Assembly Constituency View
12. Polling Stations of 266 – BARDHAMAN UTTAR (SC) Assembly Constituency View
13. Polling Stations of 267 – BHATAR Assembly Constituency View
14. Polling Stations of 268 – PURBASTHALI DAKSHIN Assembly Constituency View
15. Polling Stations of 269 – PURBASTHALI UTTAR Assembly Constituency View
16. Polling Stations of 270 – KATWA Assembly Constituency View
17. Polling Stations of 271 – KETUGRAM Assembly Constituency View
18. Polling Stations of 272 – MONGOLKOTE (SC) Assembly Constituency View
19. Polling Stations of 273 – AUSGRAM (SC) Assembly Constituency View
20. Polling Stations of 274 – GALSI (SC) Assembly Constituency View
Summary Revision Of Electoral Roll Document
AC wise number of Electors as per finally published Electoral Roll View (55Kb)
Sl No. Details of Form Forms
1. Form 6 – Application Form for New Voters View (PDF 2.13Mb)
2. Declaration by students living in hostels/messes/elsewhere (To be attached with Form 6) View (PDF 172Kb)
3. Form of oath or affirmation as to age (To be attached with Form 6) View (PDF 85Kb)
4. Form for Declaration for aged 21+ Non EPIC Electors (To be attached with Form 6) View (PDF 68Kb)
5. Form 6A – Inclusion of name by an Overseas Elector View (PDF 489Kb)
6. Form 6B – Letter of Information of Aadhar number for the purpose of electoral roll authentication View (PDF 788Kb)
7. Form 7 – Objection to inclusion/Deletion of Name in Existing Electoral Roll View (PDF 1.19 Mb)
8. Form 8 – Form for shifting of Residence/Correction of Entries/Replacement of EPIC/Marking of PwD View (PDF 1.88Mb)
9. Form 8A – Transposition from one part to another within same AC View (PDF 54Kb)
10. Form 001 – Electors Photo Identity Card View (PDF 61Kb)
Election Results
Sl No. Results Documents
1. Results of Assembly Elections 2016 View (PDF 38Kb)
2. Results of Loksabha Election 2019 View (PDF 53Kb)
3. Results of Assembly Election 2021 View (PDF 232Kb)
Deletion List (Continuous Upgradation 2021)
Sl.No. Name Of Assembly Polling Station Sl.No. Name Of Assembly Polling Station
1. 259 -Khandaghosh  View (PDF 24Kb) 9. 267-Bhatar  View (PDF 16Kb)
2. 260-Bardhaman Dakshin  View (PDF 20Kb) 10. 268-Purbasthali Dakshin View (PDF 39Kb)
3. 261-Raina (SC)  View (PDF 63Kb) 11. 269-Purbasthali Uttar  View (PDF 19Kb)
4. 262-Jamalpur (SC)  View (PDF 20Kb) 12. 270-Katwa  View (PDF 71Kb)
5. 263-Monteswar View (PDF 19Kb) 13. 271-Ketugram View (PDF 73Kb)
6. 264-Kalna (SC) View (PDF 43Kb) 14. 272-Mongalkote View (PDF 116Kb)
7. 265-Memari    View (PDF 22Kb) 15. 273-Ausgram (SC) View (PDF 25Kb)
8. 266-Bardhaman Uttar (SC) View (PDF 27Kb) 16. 274-Galsi (SC)  View (PDF 22Kb)