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Notice inviting e-tender for construction of different works.

Memo No:-WBUD/BDA/CEO/E-NIT-04/2021-22,BDA, Purba Bardhaman

30/07/2021 20/08/2021 View (6 MB)
Notice inviting quotation for supply of HP Led Monitor for the desktop computer of vigilance Section .

NIQ No:-2021/Nez, Nezarath SEction , Purba Bardhaman.

29/07/2021 04/08/2021 View (189 KB)
Notice inviting e-Tender for construction of Main Gate at Bhuri Dwijapada Jyanmayee High School.

Memo No :-01/CIVIL/Gate/BHURI,Bhuri Dwijapada Jyanmayee High School, Bhuri, Purba Bardhaman.

26/07/2021 02/08/2021 View (3 MB)
Notice inviting tender for Renovation of Office of The District Social Audit Unit within Collectorate campus.

Memo No. : 2960/DP, Office of The District Magistrate Development & Planning Section, Purba Bardhaman.

26/07/2021 03/08/2021 View (6 MB)
Notice inviting tender for Protection with grill and Land filling.

Memo No. 04/BDA of 2021-2022 , Purba Bardhaman.

23/07/2021 06/08/2021 View (2 MB)
Notice inviting for e-Tender for Construction of Cultural stage.

Memo No. 375 Office of Kalna-II panchayat Samity , Purba Bardhaman.

15/07/2021 30/07/2021 View (3 MB)
Quotation notice for ” PAY and USE Toilet ” (2nd Call)

Memo No:- 2220/VI-17/BDA , Purba bardhaman.

22/07/2021 02/08/2021 View (2 MB)
Quotation notice for Ready build up space at the project site of Bus-Cum-Commercial Complex.

Memo No:-2277 BDA , Purba Bardhaman

19/07/2021 30/07/2021 View (293 KB)
Notice inviting tender for carrying cum distribution agent of cooked mid day meal programme.

Memo No:-1133/1(60), Burdwan I Development Block, Purba Bardhaman. 

19/07/2021 30/07/2021 View (3 MB)
Notice inviting e-tender for supply of food materials for different captive animals at Bardhaman Zoological Park.

Memo  No:-1375/B-7/e-Tender, DFO, Purba Bardhaman.

24/07/2021 09/08/2021 View (3 MB)